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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I reserve you for my wedding?

Send us an inquiry and then we will let you know if we are available on your wedding date. After that, choose your package and let us know. We send you an agreement to sign from your phone or computer. After signing, send us your deposit to hold your date. You can make that deposit payment online or by mailing a check. After that, you’re booked and we are yours!


What are your payment terms?

We ask for 25% of your total package price as a non-refundable deposit to book us and reserve your date. After that, the rest is due at least 1 month before your wedding. You can divide it up into as many payments as you’d like. Most couples prefer 2-3 payments. Payments can be made online by credit card, or by mailing a check.


Do you travel?

Yes! We are based out of Orlando, but we travel to wherever you are getting married. If round-trip travel is more than 200 miles, we may add travel expenses. This is typically a minimal fee. Contact us for more details.


How long does it take to get my film after the wedding?

We typically deliver within 2 months of your wedding day. Sometimes, within 2 – 3 weeks! It depends on the season.


Do I get to pick the music for my highlight film?

You are more than welcome to choose your own music. Read this article for more details about your music choices. The sooner you choose your songs, the sooner we can begin editing your film.

However, we are very good at choosing music for wedding films. If you give us a feel or style that you like, we can choose a few songs and give you a short list of recommendations to choose from.


Can we ask for changes or re-edits to the film once it’s done?

Yes. We are happy to make a few minor changes to your film so that you completely love it!


What if my wedding date changes?

If your wedding date changes after you book with us, and we are available on your new wedding date, then your deposit will still apply and you’ve got us booked. We will simply amend the signed agreement with the new date. However, if we are not available on the new wedding date, then you will need to cancel your agreement with us.


Are you insured?

Yep. We carry 1 million USD of General Liability Insurance, and we can happily provide this information if your venue requires it.

florida wedding videography

Choosing Music for Your Wedding Video

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A great film is 50% visual, and 50% sound. Before you begin searching for songs to use in your wedding film, please read these 3 brief reminders:


  1. Song licensing and copyright. The songs you choose must be legally usable. How do you know which songs are usable? The musicians/bands must allow their songs to be made available to us via a song licensing website, such as SongFreedom.com, MusicBed.com, Soundstripe.com, or MarmosetMusic.com. These websites allow companies like us to purchase a license, or buy the right, to use an artists song in your wedding film. If a song is not available through these sites, we cannot use it. We could get sued big time by the big guys (the record labels, music producers.)

  3. Music sets the emotional tone of a film. Music greatly affects how we edit your film: we edit your film to the rhythm, beat, and tone of each song. Therefore, when you pick your song, you are deciding how you will feel when you watch your film. If you want your film to feel upbeat and playful, choose a song with that feel. If you want your film to feel romantic and emotional, choose a song that fits that mood. If you want a cinematic and epic-feeling film, choose a cinematic song.

  5. We can help you and give song recommendations. We are here to help! Most of our couples ask us for song recommendations – we are happy to do so! Just ask. You can pick the song yourself, or just narrow down the choices, and ask us to make the final pick for you. Almost every couple we work with asks us to make the final song choices from a narrowed-down list they create. Also, don’t be afraid to choose a song by an indie artist you have never heard of. The great thing about choosing a lesser-known artist or song is that it makes your wedding film even more unique.


The final choice!

Remember these 3 points when choosing your music: listen for songs that fit the mood and emotion you want to feel when you watch the film; the song you choose must be available for licensing legally (from Music Bed, Song Freedom, Marmoset Music or a similar site); we are here to help you pick songs – we can offer suggestions and recommendations! Just ask!

Now, go find a song that inspires you!

Song Freedom
Music Bed
Marmoset Music
(create a temporary account on these websites so that you can listen to the full song, rather than a 30 second preview)

What to Expect When You Book With Us

What to Expect When You Book With Us

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“We’re Engaged! Now What?!”

So the initial excitement of getting engaged has settled, and you’re getting used to that pretty little ring on your finger. Then you realize that you have a huge event to plan. To some this is exciting, and to others this is scary!

We make the inquiry and booking process as easy as possible for you.


Here is what you can expect:
Booking General Greene Studios: Step 1


Booking General Greene Studios: Step 2


Booking General Greene Studios: Step 3


Booking General Greene Studios: Step 4


Booking General Greene Studios: Step 5


Booking General Greene Studios: Step 6


Should I Have 1 or 2 Videographers?

Should I Have 1 or 2 Videographers for my Wedding?

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Many wedding videographers have the option to add a second shooter. Obviously this adds on cost, so many brides wonder: Do I really need a second videographer? Here are a few points to consider:

  • Actions & Reactions. Having two videographers allows for one to capture the main focus of a moment, and the other to capture you and your guests emotions and reaction to it. For example, one captures the bride walking down the aisle while the other captures the smile and expression on the grooms face. One captures the best man’s speech and the second videogapher captures everyone’s tears and cheers. While one videographer will do well capturing the main focus of all these moments, having two videographers will capture the emotions and reactions.
  • Time & Locations. Often time the bride and groom will be getting ready at two separate locations. This can make it difficult for one videographer to capture good coverage of both the bride and groom getting ready. If there are 2 videographers, one can focus on the bride and the other can focus on the groom. You likely booked your videographer for a set number of hours; the time they have to spend traveling in between locations is a waste to you. If you have two videographers, not only will you get more out of your time with them, but they’ll be each be able to focus better on capturing those precious, little moments.
  • Creativity. It is a videographer’s job, not only to just capture moments, but to turn them into art. When a videographer works alone, they constantly balance this. Having two shooters, however, allows for one to be creative and film artistic, unique angles of the couple, while the other gets the “safe” shot – ensuring a moment isn’t missed. This results in a more creative and visually appealing video.

Other factors to consider include the number of guests and type of wedding. Are you having an intimate backyard gathering of 25? Or a grand ballroom event of 200? The the larger your event the more likely you’ll want a second shooter.

Finally, think about your budget and how important video is to you. If you can afford it, and a creative and quality wedding film is important to you, then investing in your wedding film and an extra videographer will be worth it in the long run. Remember that you will be watching and enjoying memories of your wedding day for the rest of your life!

florida wedding videography

Take Finding a Wedding Videographer as Seriously as You Do Your Photographer

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You devote a lot of time to seeking the perfect wedding photographer. Likely, you have thumbed through hundreds of Pinterest pins, traversed hashtag upon hashtag on Instagram, and Googled every blog and advice column imaginable to find the perfect one. That effort is time extremely well spent, because wedding photography is one of the most important investments you can make. Photographs of your big day will grace your walls and picture frames, it will be shared and sent to friends and family online, and enjoyed by you and your spouse for decades to come. Finding that photographer that captures the day with the style and mood that tickles you just right is worth the money. You will not regret investing in the best wedding photography.

Finding a wedding videographer or cinematographer deserves the same search effort. Gone are the days of asking Uncle Larry with the old, family camcorder to film your wedding day for you. There are many skilled camera operators, video editors, and artists out there with the latest high-definition video cameras and audio equipment who specialize in capturing wedding day memories in a captivating way with cinematic style. A wedding video need not be a home-movie style shaky-camera experience.

Go to Vimeo.com and search for wedding films; take note of the styles in a few – from wedding day music videos to short wedding films with dramatic and interesting camera angles. You’ll quickly fall in love with wedding videography. We encourage you to watch a bunch of films, take note of what you like, take note of what you don’t like, daydream and imagine your day on film and with a song that you love complementing the video. If you can picture your wedding film in your head, seek out a wedding cinematographer that wants to understand your style and likes.


"Wedding Film" Vimeo Results


Our advice is this: take finding a wedding videographer as seriously as you do your photographer.

Why? Hiring a videographer often gets pushed to the bottom of the list. By the time you get around to it, you may find it hard to find a video studio that isn’t booked. And worse yet, you may end up with a videographer who would not have been your first choice.

Make wedding videography a priority from the start, and the end result will reflect that choice: a wedding day film that matches your style and imagination.