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Choosing Music for Your Wedding Video

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A great film is 50% visual, and 50% sound. Before you begin searching for songs to use in your wedding film, please read these 3 brief reminders:


  1. Song licensing and copyright. The songs you choose must be legally usable. How do you know which songs are usable? The musicians/bands must allow their songs to be made available to us via a song licensing website, such as SongFreedom.com, MusicBed.com, Soundstripe.com, or MarmosetMusic.com. These websites allow companies like us to purchase a license, or buy the right, to use an artists song in your wedding film. If a song is not available through these sites, we cannot use it. We could get sued big time by the big guys (the record labels, music producers.)

  3. Music sets the emotional tone of a film. Music greatly affects how we edit your film: we edit your film to the rhythm, beat, and tone of each song. Therefore, when you pick your song, you are deciding how you will feel when you watch your film. If you want your film to feel upbeat and playful, choose a song with that feel. If you want your film to feel romantic and emotional, choose a song that fits that mood. If you want a cinematic and epic-feeling film, choose a cinematic song.

  5. We can help you and give song recommendations. We are here to help! Most of our couples ask us for song recommendations – we are happy to do so! Just ask. You can pick the song yourself, or just narrow down the choices, and ask us to make the final pick for you. Almost every couple we work with asks us to make the final song choices from a narrowed-down list they create. Also, don’t be afraid to choose a song by an indie artist you have never heard of. The great thing about choosing a lesser-known artist or song is that it makes your wedding film even more unique.


The final choice!

Remember these 3 points when choosing your music: listen for songs that fit the mood and emotion you want to feel when you watch the film; the song you choose must be available for licensing legally (from Music Bed, Song Freedom, Marmoset Music or a similar site); we are here to help you pick songs – we can offer suggestions and recommendations! Just ask!

Now, go find a song that inspires you!

Song Freedom
Music Bed
Marmoset Music
(create a temporary account on these websites so that you can listen to the full song, rather than a 30 second preview)