Should I Have 1 or 2 Videographers?

Should I Have 1 or 2 Videographers for my Wedding?

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Many wedding videographers have the option to add a second shooter. Obviously this adds on cost, so many brides wonder: Do I really need a second videographer? Here are a few points to consider:

  • Actions & Reactions. Having two videographers allows for one to capture the main focus of a moment, and the other to capture you and your guests emotions and reaction to it. For example, one captures the bride walking down the aisle while the other captures the smile and expression on the grooms face. One captures the best man’s speech and the second videogapher captures everyone’s tears and cheers. While one videographer will do well capturing the main focus of all these moments, having two videographers will capture the emotions and reactions.
  • Time & Locations. Often time the bride and groom will be getting ready at two separate locations. This can make it difficult for one videographer to capture good coverage of both the bride and groom getting ready. If there are 2 videographers, one can focus on the bride and the other can focus on the groom. You likely booked your videographer for a set number of hours; the time they have to spend traveling in between locations is a waste to you. If you have two videographers, not only will you get more out of your time with them, but they’ll be each be able to focus better on capturing those precious, little moments.
  • Creativity. It is a videographer’s job, not only to just capture moments, but to turn them into art. When a videographer works alone, they constantly balance this. Having two shooters, however, allows for one to be creative and film artistic, unique angles of the couple, while the other gets the “safe” shot – ensuring a moment isn’t missed. This results in a more creative and visually appealing video.

Other factors to consider include the number of guests and type of wedding. Are you having an intimate backyard gathering of 25? Or a grand ballroom event of 200? The the larger your event the more likely you’ll want a second shooter.

Finally, think about your budget and how important video is to you. If you can afford it, and a creative and quality wedding film is important to you, then investing in your wedding film and an extra videographer will be worth it in the long run. Remember that you will be watching and enjoying memories of your wedding day for the rest of your life!