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Take Finding a Wedding Videographer as Seriously as You Do Your Photographer

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You devote a lot of time to seeking the perfect wedding photographer. Likely, you have thumbed through hundreds of Pinterest pins, traversed hashtag upon hashtag on Instagram, and Googled every blog and advice column imaginable to find the perfect one. That effort is time extremely well spent, because wedding photography is one of the most important investments you can make. Photographs of your big day will grace your walls and picture frames, it will be shared and sent to friends and family online, and enjoyed by you and your spouse for decades to come. Finding that photographer that captures the day with the style and mood that tickles you just right is worth the money. You will not regret investing in the best wedding photography.

Finding a wedding videographer or cinematographer deserves the same search effort. Gone are the days of asking Uncle Larry with the old, family camcorder to film your wedding day for you. There are many skilled camera operators, video editors, and artists out there with the latest high-definition video cameras and audio equipment who specialize in capturing wedding day memories in a captivating way with cinematic style. A wedding video need not be a home-movie style shaky-camera experience.

Go to Vimeo.com and search for wedding films; take note of the styles in a few – from wedding day music videos to short wedding films with dramatic and interesting camera angles. You’ll quickly fall in love with wedding videography. We encourage you to watch a bunch of films, take note of what you like, take note of what you don’t like, daydream and imagine your day on film and with a song that you love complementing the video. If you can picture your wedding film in your head, seek out a wedding cinematographer that wants to understand your style and likes.


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Our advice is this: take finding a wedding videographer as seriously as you do your photographer.

Why? Hiring a videographer often gets pushed to the bottom of the list. By the time you get around to it, you may find it hard to find a video studio that isn’t booked. And worse yet, you may end up with a videographer who would not have been your first choice.

Make wedding videography a priority from the start, and the end result will reflect that choice: a wedding day film that matches your style and imagination.